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Wedding Trends to Prepare For This Season

Sweet Ice Cream Photography

Sweet Ice Cream Photography

Wedding season is nearly upon us. Whether you’re booked-up from here to forever or you’re still looking for a few last-minute clients, your planning should be well and truly underway. Few other photography genres are as affected by fashion (except maybe…fashion) so it’s important to keep an eye on the latest trends and styles to make sure you’re prepared. Here are few things to plan for in 2018.

Destination Weddings with Local Touches

Photo by Mikayla Herrick

Photo by Mikayla Herrick

Experts say that more and more couples are choosing destination weddings this year. With that in mind, you need to choose your services carefully if you want to accommodate this trend. Are you willing to travel and if so, how much do you charge for the added time and accommodation costs? You’ll also want to brush up on your landscape photography, as you may be expected to shoot more of the environment than you usually would.

Couples are also including more local touches into their celebrations, from decor to musicians or even rituals, so make sure you discuss this fully with the couple so you can plan your shot-list effectively to capture all of the most special elements.

If you prefer not to travel, you can still embrace destination weddings by tailoring your services to suit couples who are travelling to your area to get married. Form a network with other local wedding vendors (such as florists, celebrants and venues) to help couples find everything they need to celebrate abroad. If you’re really confident in your ability to work on-the-fly, consider setting yourself up as an emergency photographer; ready to help destination weddings where the primary photographer falls through.

Smaller Bridal Parties

Destination weddings (heck, all weddings really) are a real financial strain on a couple and their family. As a result, couples are choosing to incorporate fewer people into their wedding celebrations and particularly into their bridal parties. You should still be prepared for large group photos (just in case) but make sure you have some clever poses up your sleeve for groups of 3 or 4 individuals.

Late night celebrations

Photo by Andreas Rønningen

Photo by Andreas Rønningen

With smaller ceremonies on the rise, more weddings are turning the evening reception into the main event. This year will see an increase in structured after-parties that go on into the small hours, with special food and drinks and entertainment on offer.
The bride and wedding party may have special outfits prepared for this evening event, so you might want to plan a second group photoshoot. You should also decide how much you’ll charge for this extra time and make sure that you set expectations with the couple in advance. You may even want to consider bringing in a second shooter who handles the evening event.

Quirky Meals & Instagrammable Desserts

The food-truck fad shows no signs of slowing down as couples continue to ditch sit-down dinners in favor of more casual and unusual dining. This means more work for you as the eating experience will become a central element of the reception, so you’ll want to be on the look out for interesting candid shots of the guests delighting in the food on offer.

You’ll also be competing with your guests to get the shot, as interesting desserts (bubble waffles, pie-pops, pancake stacks and the now almost unavoidable donuts) continue to gain popularity. With more buffet and self-serve style options available, ask if it’s possible to shoot the food before it’s served to avoid your perfect shot being lost in the stampede.

Darker Bouquets

Photo by Taylor Hernandez

Photo by Taylor Hernandez

The vibrant green floral decorations of 2017 will continue into this year and will be joined by a new wave of darker bouquets. Don’t rely on the delicate pastels you might be used to shooting and be prepared to complement dark florals by paring them with light or metallic accessories and table settings.

What was the most unusual wedding you ever photographed? Let us know on Facebook.


Camera Tips for the Perfect Photo


It is now officially spring, what is better than finally putting on your walking shoes and a warm coat, grabbing your tripod and obviously your camera and getting outside to capture the first moments of spring.

Whether it’s a photo of morning dew, of a newly born lamb or the sunrise it is revitalising to get out into the spring sun and enjoy the fresh air. What better way than to get some experimenting done out in the great outdoors.

Camera tips to remember to get that perfect shot

  • Shutter speed – is used to control motion, the faster the shutter speed the fast speed being what you are trying to capture is moving
  • If you are taking photos using a long shutter time, remember to use your tripod
  • Subject matter/where you shoot from – check that you have the best angle you can get
  • Lighting – this is very important, to get the right lighting might mean having to get up early or stay up late, but it will be worth it
  • Filters if needed – a great filter for landscapes is polarising lens filter
  • Practise – this goes without saying

Don’t forget you can then edit your photos with PortraitPro or LandscapeProimage-2

New logo for the SWPP

Vote for Anthropics Technology photo editing software in the SWPP awards

There is less than a month left of 2016! But in January we always have the SWPP Convention to look forward to.

Thank you to all of you who have already voted for us in the SWPP awards, and if you still want to and you haven’t already, then please go to: and place your votes before the deadline at the end of the month.

Voting closes on the 31st December 2016.

Our customer service team and our software developers work tirelessly to bring you the best service and the best technology that we possibly can.

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Don’t forget that if you’re a member of WPPI,  they now collaborate with SWPP, and as a member of one you’re eligible to attend both conventions.

Logo of WPPI

With SWPP in mid-January, and WPPI in Las Vegas in early February, that makes for a very busy start to the year, but it’s a great way to keep your professional knowledge and skills up to date in the New Year.

Will you be visiting the conventions in 2017?  Get in touch on Facebook or Twitter and let us know your reasons for visiting the conventions.

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Education isn't something you can finish

Photo editing in the new school year

The start of a new school year can be the start of a new phase for everyone, not just those returning to education. It can be a good time to think about engaging in a program of self-study. You can even begin a clean mid-year diary and completely start fresh.

Photography covers such a broad range of genres that there’s always something to learn and improve on. There’s always a new piece of equipment to try out or a different aspect of photography to learn about. Just as art itself covers a broad range of styles, photography also contains a range of types too.  There’s no time limit on when you can pick up your learning again.

Whether it’s your photography skills you want to improve, or you need to brush up on your business skills, there’s always something you can be doing to drive your photography business to the next level.

At Anthropics Technology we’re also constantly learning and developing even better software to help you even more in your work.  With version 15 we introduced new makeup controls to help you add makeup to your portrait editing.  With version 12 ( which immediately preceded v15)  we introduced relighting features so that you could edit your portraits with better lighting, so if the light you had available at the time wasn’t what you wanted it to be, you could produce a better image than you originally had.

PortraitPro 15 makeup before after

We’re proud to be award-winning, recently winning the Bauer Gear of the Year award for Best Plugin.  We’re always working to improve our software and to bring our loyal fans the features that will help them in their work and their leisure.

If you’ve already got to grips with PortraitPro, why not check out our latest addition to the collection, LandscapePro?

Challenge yourself to a new genre today and learn something new without going back to school.

Download your free trial of PortraitPro or LandscapePro.

Crocheted Camera

Gifts you can make for a photographer you love this Valentine’s Day.

(Don’t worry if you’re a little last minute!)

If you’re looking for something personal and special to give the photographer in your life this Valentine’s Day, then we have some great ideas to inspire you.

If you think you haven’t got time to make one of these bigger projects, then a smaller project such as a crocheted case for a compact camera or phone, or tablet can take just a couple of hours.

  • Choose a nice chunky yarn to give plenty of protection.
  • Start by crocheting (or knitting) in a strong stitch like half double crochet – Make chains the width of the item, and if it’s something very thin, like a phone, then don’t make it too much longer.
  • Continue stitching in the same stitch until the piece is exactly double the length of the item, and then join up the sides and you will have a lovely, plain, but well protected phone case, camera case, or tablet case. You can even do a matching set, which looks great!

Knitted square

Making something personal, and by hand is a great way to show you care. Any photographer will be thrilled to receive something that beautifully protects their equipment.

We’re also in love with the many different knitted, crocheted, and stitched accessories that you can make, (or buy) for baby photography, and we’ve collected some of our favorites over on Pinterest.

Got any great ideas?  Share them with us on Facebook.

Don’t have any time at all to make a gift?  Give them the gift of time, with time saving, portrait editing software, PortraitPro.


Male Preset

12 New Presets – Exclusive to v15 Customers

You may have read our recent post about creating custom presets. This week we’re excited to offer our v15 customers 12 brand new Everyday Presets.

These subtle presets, including Skin Smoothing Only and Enhance Eyes, are designed to fit into your everyday photo-editing for great, natural results. These presets are also perfect for use with our automatic batch processing.

These presets are only compatible with PortraitPro 15. Still using an older version of PortraitPro? Why not take this opportunity to upgrade?

Installation Instructions

Click the dowload link below. This will download a zip folder called “”. Copy the presets from this folder into the PortraitPro UserSavedSliders folder. The UserSavedSliders folder will normally be found:

Windows Windows users can go to the correct folder using the “Run” dialog by pressing Windows+R and then pasting in “%appdata%\Anthropics\PortraitPro\UserSavedSliders”

Mac Open the Finder view, then click on Go. Hold down the Option key (ALT on non-Mac keyboards) and click on Library, then navigate to “ApplicationSupport/Anthropics/PortraitPro/UserSavedSliders”

The next time you run the software, the presets will appear in the presets menu.
Get your free preset pack.



Creating Custom Presets in PortraitPro 15

PortraitPro 15 comes pre-loaded with dozens of presets to help you create a wide variety of looks quickly and easily.  These are perfect for quick touch-ups or beginner users, but what do you do if the default presets don’t suit your editing style or you’re ready to move into more advanced retouching?

What is a custom preset?

A custom preset is built using your own editing preferences and saved to the presets menu for easy access.

How do I create my own preset?

1. Open an image and edit it using the sliders of your choice.
2. Click ‘Save Preset’ at the top of the presets menu.
3. Choose a name for your preset and decide if you want to set it as the default for male, female or child subjects.
4. Click ‘Ok’ to store the preset.

How do I use custom presets?

Once saved, you can apply a custom preset by clicking on it in the presets menu, by selecting it as your default or by choosing it as the preset for your batch processing.

Do I have to use all of the sliders?

No, custom presets can be created using as many or as few sliders as you’d like. For example, you may want to create different makeup looks or lighting states that can then be applied to any image on top of the existing edits. Click ‘Select Sliders to Save’ to choose which sliders should be affected.Select Sliders copy
I’m moving PortraitPro over to a new computer, can I keep my custom presets?

Yes you can. For help transferring your presets visit our FAQ


Fashion Portrait with Makeup in PortraitPro 15

Fashion Week Portraits with makeup in PortraitPro 15

Ideal for use on your fashion portraits, the latest version of PortraitPro now comes with new tools to add and adjust makeup.  The easy-to-use sliders make PortraitPro ideal for adjusting your fashion portraits.

When the skin and the makeup are flawless, then the image is all about the fashion, and the model’s look, the style and the message that the photographer wants to convey.  Natural skin touch up means that the fashion speaks for itself.

Whether you’re a professional attending the runway events at Fashion Week, or an aspiring amateur capturing street photography, PortraitPro is an affordable addition to your workflow. Give your images that magazine –ready look, without the hard work.

If your model didn’t have the makeup look that you wanted, maybe you wanted a different color lipstick, or eyeshadow, to better match the outfit, then you can add this in PortraitPro.

PortraitPro also has tools for relighting your subjects, so if the lighting set up wasn’t quite how you wanted it, then you can adjust it to suit the look you wanted.  At an event or out on the street, you don’t have the control over the situation that you would have in your own studio, so you have to do the best you can with the  light you do have, and with Portrait Pro, you can make the changes you need.

Model in Paris, in PortraitPro 15

With your portrait editing software you have full creative freedom, to make any changes you want. With the sliders, you can make the effects as subtle or as dramatic as you wish, and you can even create your own presets, so the software keeps making the changes that suit your style.

Share your fashion images with us on our Facebook page, and check out our ideas on our Pinterest board.

Try out PortraitPro 15 today, and see how it can improve your great fashion portraits.

10 ways to improve your photography skills

As “Back to School” looms for the kids, it’s a good time to think of a new learning project for yourself too.

  • Take a college class, and learn from someone with a solid experience in photography.
  • Join a photographic society, camera club or a meetup group.
  • Ask trusted friends and family for critique.
  • Practice every day. No matter what the subject, or the weather, just keep taking pictures.
  • Learn to problem solve. You may not have the perfect equipment, but you’ll have something that will do a reasonable job.
  • Get to know your camera inside out. Knowing your way around your camera and other photography equipment can help you take a shot quicker when you need to be speedy.
  • Set yourself a photography challenge such as a 365 project. Working within a particular constraint can be interesting and challenging.
  • Get out and visit somewhere new. You’ll be inspired to take pictures of somewhere you haven’t seen before.
  • Get to know all of your photography equipment well, including your post processing equipment. There’s a wealth of tools in PortraitPro to help you make better pictures, and it’s very easy to get going very quickly.
  • Become an art student. Not just in the formal sense by taking a class, but start to consider yourself a student of art of all kinds. Photography is informed by other art forms, and is aesthetically pleasing when it conforms to the same rules as other art.

For instance, the artist Rembrandt is remembered for his style of painting light and shadow on faces, and this method is often employed by photographers. Chiaroscuro is another art term referring to the use of light and dark, and is often associated with the work of Caravaggio, who uses the light and dark in his paintings.

Man with rembrandt lightingFinding other art to photograph, such as sculpture, Haute Couture, or architecture, can help you learn about pleasing lines and composition, which can help you improve your own art.

Start experimenting with PortraitPro, download the free trial today.

Motivation with Goals, Support, attitude

Motivation for photographers

We’ve talked about the importance of goal setting, and goal setting goes very well with motivation.

Goals tell you where you’re going, and working towards achieving them keeps you motivated.

But what is motivation and how is it important to a photographer and their business?

Motivation is the forces that cause a person to behave in a particular way or move in a particular direction.

Motivation is important to a professional photographer because if you’re in the situation of working for yourself, which many are, then you are your own motivator. If something doesn’t go so well, you have to have the inner drive to keep going despite any setbacks.

If you’re running your own business and employing more staff than just yourself, then you may find it useful in the workplace to consider a variety of motivational theories for instance, Herzberg’s two factor theory, which is an extension of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. These theories help us understand what helps people to stay motivated, or why they do what they do.

Staying motivated is important to people working in creative businesses. If you’re working alone, you have to have a great amount of self-esteem in order to keep promoting yourself. You are your product, your creativity is your unique selling point, and you have to believe in yourself so you can sell your work at a fair market value.  As Pedro Aguilar  told us last year, it’s important to also spend some time working on your own creative work, doing things not just for clients, but for yourself, and you’ll often find that you’ll get a commission based on something of your own work that captures the attention of a new client.

Keeping your ideas fresh when you’re working on your own initiative can be a challenge to anyone working for themselves. In a creative business it’s particularly important.

The Support team at Anthropics is here to help you keep your software up to date, and help you learn new skills with your software.

Want to learn something new with PortraitPro? Check back here!

Check out the blog on Smart Photo Editor for new ideas on getting more out of your photo editing software.

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