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Creating Christmas Portraits with PortraitPro 17

shutterstock_743849866_ppAdding some festivity to your portraits this Christmas couldn’t be easier with PortraitPro 17’s new background editing feature. Check out the tutorial below.

Give your clients a selection of backgrounds to chose from, there will be something for everyone. Untitled-6 Once you have edited all the faces in your portrait click the Background tab and Create Mask.Untitled-7 Adjust the background mask if needed.Untitled-8 Click Background Image and New Background Image.Untitled-9Click Select Image and chose your chosen background, then click Auto Color to adjust if needed.

before and afterTo find out how super easy it is to change the background in PortraitPro download your free trial today!



The Perfect Winter Landscape in Seconds with Smart Photo Editor

before and afterTrying to get the perfect winter snow landscape can be tricky but check out the tutorial below to see how to improve your landscape. (Click on image to see bigger).Untitled-1 Open your photo up in Smart Photo Editor.Untitled-2 Click on the Effects Gallery button on the top right and click the effect called Darken, you can search for this in the search bar is it isn’t visible.

Reduce the Master Slider nearly all the way down and click OK when you are happy.Untitled-3Click on the Effects Gallery button and find the effect Pop, once again reduce the Master Slider down, this time so it is hardly on but you can see the difference. You can leave your Landscape here or  look at the next step below.image 4Click on the Effects Gallery button and chose the effect Darken and Improve.

Now you just have to save your photo and the session so you can come back to it later if needed.

before and after

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A Quick Edit in PortraitPro Body – Full Length Gown

before and after

Check out the tutorial below to find out how to subtly perfect your full length gown portraits in minutes.Untitled-3 Open your image up in PortraitPro Body and mark up the body.

Under Shape Sliders tab move the Slim, Curvy and Lift sliders slightly.Untitled-4 Under the Face tab adjust the Lighting Contrast and the Modeling Light sliders.Untitled-5The last step is to click on the Picture tab and adjust the Auto Levels and Contrast sliders to suit your imageCheck out PortraitPro Body for yourself by downloading the free trial.


Fitness Professional Portraits Tutorial with PortraitPro 17

before and afterProfessional Portraits are a great thing to offer as a Professional Photographer, with every company these days having their own website, they are in need of professional photographs where they know it or not.

Having professional photographs really shines through on websites, check out the tutorial below to see how you can create Fitness Professional Portraits in minutes.

Untitled-1 Open your image up in PortraitPro 17.Untitled-2 Click on the Face Sculpt tab, reduce the master slider all the way down .Untitled-3 Under the Skin Smoothing tab, reduce the Master Slider all the way down. Adjust the Remove Shine Slider as needed.Untitled-4 Turn off the Makeup tab and click the Background tab>Create Mask.Untitled-5 The software will mask the background for you, change id needed then click the Background Image tab.Untitled-6 Click New Background Image and select your new background.Untitled-10Click the Auto Color tab and adjust the two sliders to where the image looks it’s best.

Your professional portrait is now ready to save.

before and after

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The Perfect Bride Portrait – Post Processing Tutorial with PortraitPro 17

Every Bride likes to feel at their most beautiful on their wedding day and it’s your job as the photographer to make sure this is captured forever.

Just a little pressure there. All photos need a little tweaking but when it comes to the Bride you feel like it needs to be perfect. Other might not notice but you do. Check out the tutorial below to see how quick and easy this is with PortraitPro 17, you can even change the background.

Untitled-1Open the Bride’s image up in PortraitPro and readjust the mark up of the face if needed.

Click on the Face Sculpt tab and reduce the Master Fade slider down and adjust the Lens Correct slider as needed and Plump Lips slider. Untitled-2Under the Skin Smoothing tab, reduce the Master Fade slider and increase the Remove Shine slider as needed.Untitled-3Under the Skin Lighting and Coloring tab, adjust the Modeling and Fix Lighting sliders slightly. Keep an eye on the image as here is where you can see quite a difference between the before and after. The improvement is instant.Untitled-4Next the Makeup tab. Here it very much depends on your Bride’s makeup. You only want to make subtle changes, as she will already have her makeup done how she wanted. You just make it pop a little more if it is needed.Untitled-5Under the Eye Tab, we will want to reduce all the sliders down and increase any if they are needed. Whitening the eyes a little is a good idea.Untitled-6Under the Mouth and Nose tab, you only need Whiten Area, Lip Saturation and Clean Teeth on, not too high though. You want the natural look still.Untitled-7


Under the Hair tab, make sure all the hair is selecting by clicking the View/Edit Hair Mask. Vibrance and Shine are the sliders you need here though you can recolor the hair if like above you want to slightly alter the hair. Be sure not to go too far though.


Click the Go To Hair Tidying Mode and adjust the sliders a little, to make the hair look nice and smooth.

Below is only if you want to change the background.Untitled-8Click on the Background tab and click Create mask.


The software selects the masked area for you.Untitled-9Zoom in around the flowers to check everything was selected, correcting if not.Untitled-10Click Background Image, then New Background Image and select your new background.Untitled-11Move the background to where it fits in with the Bride nicely and reduce the crossfade slightly if needed.


Click OK  when you are happy.Untitled-12If like above you need to crop out a bit, click the Picture tab then Crop button at the bottom.Untitled-13Your image is now ready to save with your Bride looking beautiful.

before and after small brideTry your free trial today here!