Halloween makeup

Portrait editing for Halloween greetings cards

It’s nearly Halloween, but there’s still plenty of time to find those photos you took last year, polish them up and make them spookily better.

Wanting to wish your neighbors Happy Halloween? Use your last year’s images for your Halloween cards, and you can use your photo editing software to make them even spookier.

Use the hair recoloring tools to make hair darker, or redder, or ghostly gray! Use the eye controls to enhance or change eye color.  You wouldn’t normally use a really strong or intense color, but this time you can use your full creative imagination to make something just a little beyond reality.

There are some great effects in Smart Photo Editor, which can help you create really eerie images.

Our wonderful community of Smart Photo Editor users have created their own spooky effects, and you get to use them too. There are several different effects available under the categories of Gothic or Horror film, or Mystery, that could make your Halloween images authentically creepy!

Don’t forget to check out our blog post from last year, on how Smart Photo Editor can add ghosts to your family portraits too!

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