Fashion Portrait with Makeup in PortraitPro 15

Fashion Week Portraits with makeup in PortraitPro 15

Ideal for use on your fashion portraits, the latest version of PortraitPro now comes with new tools to add and adjust makeup.  The easy-to-use sliders make PortraitPro ideal for adjusting your fashion portraits.

When the skin and the makeup are flawless, then the image is all about the fashion, and the model’s look, the style and the message that the photographer wants to convey.  Natural skin touch up means that the fashion speaks for itself.

Whether you’re a professional attending the runway events at Fashion Week, or an aspiring amateur capturing street photography, PortraitPro is an affordable addition to your workflow. Give your images that magazine –ready look, without the hard work.

If your model didn’t have the makeup look that you wanted, maybe you wanted a different color lipstick, or eyeshadow, to better match the outfit, then you can add this in PortraitPro.

PortraitPro also has tools for relighting your subjects, so if the lighting set up wasn’t quite how you wanted it, then you can adjust it to suit the look you wanted.  At an event or out on the street, you don’t have the control over the situation that you would have in your own studio, so you have to do the best you can with the  light you do have, and with Portrait Pro, you can make the changes you need.

Model in Paris, in PortraitPro 15

With your portrait editing software you have full creative freedom, to make any changes you want. With the sliders, you can make the effects as subtle or as dramatic as you wish, and you can even create your own presets, so the software keeps making the changes that suit your style.

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Try out PortraitPro 15 today, and see how it can improve your great fashion portraits.

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