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Philadelphia Skyline taken from the Art Museum

Making an income from selling photography – Keep a travel photography blog

There are many, many travel photography blogs out there. It’s a really competitive environment, because it is such a sought-after, idealized job.

Who wouldn’t want a job where they can combine the things they love, travel and photography, and earn enough to keep themselves safe and well, whilst working for themselves, with no big corporation or news outlet to please?

But it’s not as easy as it sounds. You’ve got to have a number of things in place; you can’t just drop one job and expect to make a living from travel photography straight away. Either you’ve been doing it part time for a while, or you have a healthy savings account to keep you going for the first difficult few months, or longer.

Here are 9 things to bear in mind:

  • Only practice will make you a better photographer. As Henri Cartier-Bresson said, “Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst.” Keep traveling and keep taking photographs.
  • You need to really get to know an area to take interesting photos of it. When you stop taking the obvious photo, the tourist postcard shot, then you know you’ve really got it.
  • Getting to know people and finding out the traditions that they have in that area can give a true sense of the place. Go to a small café and order the special on the menu. Traveling is about eating the same as the people that live there, not trying to find what you like from back home. It’s about discovering in the back streets of Barcelona that most restaurants are closed at lunchtime for siesta, and then stumbling on the one busy little place in the Barri Gòtic with the menu in Catalan.
  • Have several ideas of what you might do with your images to make you some income. Be open-minded about your sources, and keep having new ideas.
  • Become a good writer too. If you can write clearly and succinctly about the things you’ve photographed, you get to tell the story yourself, instead of allowing someone else to do it for you. Just as taking more photographs will make you a better photographer, the more you write, the better you will become.
  • Learn how to promote yourself on social media. Contacts are made through Twitter, and Facebook, and LinkedIn. It gives both parties a chance to consider each other’s work before they contact each other, and sometimes a partnership can work without ever needing to meet in person.
  • Don’t be afraid to do a bit of everything. If you’ve learned how to use social media and design your own website, then why not use your skills to help other businesses or freelancers?
  • Don’t forget that your home town is distant and exotic to other people. If you need to take a break from traveling and return home, don’t despair, keep looking for the adventure nearer to home. It’s the place you know the best, and there’s always someone out there who wants to visit.
  • Keep learning new things. Wherever you are, whether on the road, or taking time out, there’s always something new to learn. Why not learn some new photography software skills and try out PortraitPro today. If there are people in your images, it’s the fastest way to enhance their look. For all your other travel images, whether it’s street photography, or beautiful landscapes, Smart Photo Editor can give you some fantastic creative effects. Finding a new way to edit your images can give you an edge over all the other people who do the same things that you want to do.
Philly Skyline taken from Art Museum, using a Smart Photo Editor effect

Philadelphia Skyline taken from Art Museum, using a Smart Photo Editor effect

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Mime with Van Gogh style editing

Making an income from selling photography –Street Photography

There’s a whole host of ways to make money from your photography; it doesn’t have to be your portrait studio work that makes you money.

If you’re keen on photographing people then street photography could be one way to learn more about portrait photography; to get a chance to learn about other cultures and places and perhaps venture into a different area of interest.

Perhaps you might find a way to sell your street images, but be sure you get a model release for any images containing people. You also need to check out the local rules and laws on street photography.  Some countries and regions are stricter on privacy, and you should always respect the privacy of individuals. If someone doesn’t seem to want their photo taken, then don’t do it. Some communities, like the Amish, don’t like to be photographed. Be respectful of their wishes and don’t take an image of a person who wouldn’t want to be photographed.

There are plenty of other people and places where you can take photographs without offending anyone, and people usually don’t mind you taking photographs of their buildings, it’s usually recognizable images of real people that they don’t want to be taken.

You may often find that people are very happy to have their photo taken, but all you need to do is ask. A smile and a nod is all it takes.

If a street performer allows you to take their photo, then they usually expect a payment, and can be quite insistent on their payment if they realize that you’ve taken one without paying them. This is after all how they make their living.

If you do get permission from the street performer to take their photo, then portrait editing software would also work on their painted faces, and would perhaps help to make them even more flawless than the costume on its own.

These images would also benefit from some additional effects, such as the watercolor effects in Smart Photo Editor, making them very artistic and interesting portraits.

Whether it’s just your annual vacation, or you’re trying to travel on a more regular basis to earn a living from your photography, then it’s probably worth investing in some industry standard photography software, at a very affordable price.

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Prom Class of 2015

Portrait Photographs for Prom, Class of 2015

If you’re a professional portrait photographer, it’s one of the high points of your busy schedule. It’s a major event in any teenager’s calendar, and you want to be able to make it special for them.

High school students spend a lot of time and effort on making their Prom a special occasion. They want the best photography that will give them the best reminder of a memorable evening.

Tips for making your prom photography a success:

  • Consider offering photo booth style photography; it’s not all about the formal portrait, and sometimes an amusing photo is more evocative of good memories.
  • Be highly organized and professional. Make sure you have all your equipment, extension leads, stationery, payment equipment, computer equipment that you might need. You can’t rely on the school or venue having anything that you might need, including a power outlet just where you need it.

The one thing that you don’t need to worry about is your portrait editing, and with PortraitPro you can reduce the time spent in editing, so that you can return the images to your clients in double quick time!

PortraitPro 12 now has relighting technology, allowing you a more natural photo touch up.

You can give them great portrait editing, creating flawless images that look more natural, simply by creating presets that suit your editing style.

Every teenager wants to have great prom photos, you can give them their best looks, and send them their images quickly.

Give them a sneak peak at what they’re going to get by using the Facebook integration within PortraitPro to whet their appetites for their images.

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Girl with umbrella in the rain

Portrait Photos in the rain

It’s often very rainy in April. A variety of weather will make our photographs more interesting, but it’s important to learn how to get the best from the environment, and also to remember that we should always have a backup plan.

Here are some ideas for taking interesting portraits in the rain:

  • Use Umbrellas. Clear umbrellas are great to keep the rain off your subject, let any light through and keep them a little happier in the damp. – There’s nothing more miserable than getting soaked to the skin. A black umbrella makes a good plain background for the head and shoulders.
  • Have a backup location that has a porch or an awning or an overhanging roof, so your people can be sheltered from the rain, but you can still capture the rain in the back ground.
  • Rain is more visible when there’s a light behind it. Find a location with a light behind the rain, or find a way to put your own in the background, and use a faster shutter speed. The faster the shutter speed, the more you’re going to see the raindrops. You may need to slightly increase your ISO, but you’ll still get great quality images. If you want them a little blurry, you won’t need it quite as fast.
  • Look for reflections in the puddles that form, or the shine on the wet sidewalk. They can make great features, and can create an interesting symmetry to your images which makes them more interesting.
  • Look for how people react to the rain. Kids love it; they don’t care about getting wet. Its great fun to splash in the puddles, with rain boots and appropriate clothing of course!
  • If it’s an engagement shoot or wedding day, you don’t want the couple to get thoroughly drenched, they won’t be happy; but if you can convince them that a little bit of an adventure will give their images a memorable quality, then you’ll get the chance to experiment a little and get some great portrait photos.Wedding couple in the rain
  • Be sure to exercise caution when photographing in any extreme weather conditions. Don’t forget that an umbrella can conduct lightning, and be sure to check the weather report for tornadoes and other extreme weather.
  • Take care of your camera equipment. You can get a wide variety of items to protect your equipment, and if you plan on shooting in the rain regularly, or you live in a climate where it rains regularly, then a rain sleeve is a good investment. A plastic bag is also useful and cheap way to keep your equipment dry.

When capturing portraits, whether it’s for engagements, weddings or just for fun, it’s important to make sure that everyone looks their best. Portrait editing software can give your portraits just that little bit of enhancement that will turn a really good portrait in to a great one; that they will want to keep for years to come.

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