Wedding Trends to Prepare For This Season

Sweet Ice Cream Photography

Sweet Ice Cream Photography

Wedding season is nearly upon us. Whether you’re booked-up from here to forever or you’re still looking for a few last-minute clients, your planning should be well and truly underway. Few other photography genres are as affected by fashion (except maybe…fashion) so it’s important to keep an eye on the latest trends and styles to make sure you’re prepared. Here are few things to plan for in 2018.

Destination Weddings with Local Touches

Photo by Mikayla Herrick

Photo by Mikayla Herrick

Experts say that more and more couples are choosing destination weddings this year. With that in mind, you need to choose your services carefully if you want to accommodate this trend. Are you willing to travel and if so, how much do you charge for the added time and accommodation costs? You’ll also want to brush up on your landscape photography, as you may be expected to shoot more of the environment than you usually would.

Couples are also including more local touches into their celebrations, from decor to musicians or even rituals, so make sure you discuss this fully with the couple so you can plan your shot-list effectively to capture all of the most special elements.

If you prefer not to travel, you can still embrace destination weddings by tailoring your services to suit couples who are travelling to your area to get married. Form a network with other local wedding vendors (such as florists, celebrants and venues) to help couples find everything they need to celebrate abroad. If you’re really confident in your ability to work on-the-fly, consider setting yourself up as an emergency photographer; ready to help destination weddings where the primary photographer falls through.

Smaller Bridal Parties

Destination weddings (heck, all weddings really) are a real financial strain on a couple and their family. As a result, couples are choosing to incorporate fewer people into their wedding celebrations and particularly into their bridal parties. You should still be prepared for large group photos (just in case) but make sure you have some clever poses up your sleeve for groups of 3 or 4 individuals.

Late night celebrations

Photo by Andreas Rønningen

Photo by Andreas Rønningen

With smaller ceremonies on the rise, more weddings are turning the evening reception into the main event. This year will see an increase in structured after-parties that go on into the small hours, with special food and drinks and entertainment on offer.
The bride and wedding party may have special outfits prepared for this evening event, so you might want to plan a second group photoshoot. You should also decide how much you’ll charge for this extra time and make sure that you set expectations with the couple in advance. You may even want to consider bringing in a second shooter who handles the evening event.

Quirky Meals & Instagrammable Desserts

The food-truck fad shows no signs of slowing down as couples continue to ditch sit-down dinners in favor of more casual and unusual dining. This means more work for you as the eating experience will become a central element of the reception, so you’ll want to be on the look out for interesting candid shots of the guests delighting in the food on offer.

You’ll also be competing with your guests to get the shot, as interesting desserts (bubble waffles, pie-pops, pancake stacks and the now almost unavoidable donuts) continue to gain popularity. With more buffet and self-serve style options available, ask if it’s possible to shoot the food before it’s served to avoid your perfect shot being lost in the stampede.

Darker Bouquets

Photo by Taylor Hernandez

Photo by Taylor Hernandez

The vibrant green floral decorations of 2017 will continue into this year and will be joined by a new wave of darker bouquets. Don’t rely on the delicate pastels you might be used to shooting and be prepared to complement dark florals by paring them with light or metallic accessories and table settings.

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Interview with Justin Gainsford


One of the best things about being part of the photography community is meeting new people who inspire you and getting to tap into their experience and learn about their creative process. Our content writer, Catt, had the opportunity to meet landscape photographer Justin Gainsford at one of his recent shows and he kindly agreed to share some tips.

Catt: Hi Justin, thanks for taking the time to talk to us. Can you tell us a little bit about who you are and what you do?

Justin Gainsford: Well in short I am originally from Stockholm and I specialise in water photography.  That means that water is a main theme in my images. I take pictures that are above, below and at the surface. In the past couple of years I have typically held around two exhibitions per year. I also founded a photography group in 2015 called Stockholm Water Photography. Today we have 1,100+ members that meet up regularly on weekends. The initial purpose of Stockholm Water Photography was to discover the best places in Stockholm for landscape photography and to inspire each other. It has since expanded to cover a variety of photography related activities..

C: What inspired you to pick up a camera in the first place?

JG: I was a late bloomer. My passion developed over the course of several years. Two significant events influenced and accelerated my interest. The initial fascination with photography began during a trip to South Africa in 2008. I had bought a Nikon D80 SLR specifically for the trip. At the time the Nikon D80 had all the functionality a beginner could need. We were heading to Kruger Park in South Africa and I was adamant that it would be smarter to photograph elephants from a distance with a better zoom than the popular smaller cameras had. Remember, this was in the pre-smartphone era. The trip was a real ‘WOW’ moment when I realized how much better the quality the images were on an SLR compared to prevailing cameras.

The second significant event came when I spent time near Bondi Beach in Sydney. I would take early morning walks along the beach. There is always something different going on at Bondi Beach and I quickly learnt that no two days are the same. On any early morning you can expect to find surfers battling waves, joggers running along the beach and people meditating. Added to these unknown variables are magnificent sunrises, dolphins or whales passing through, backpackers dressing up as surfing santas or commercial shoots taking place. In short, Bondi Beach is a terrific place to learn the art of photography because of the great location and the variety of activities taking place. I gradually stopped going there for morning walks and instead went for morning photography sessions.

C: Which of your images would you say are you most proud of? 

JG: That’s a tough question to answer, I have lots of favourites. Ultimately I’d have to say it’s an image I took in 2015 near Kebnekaise mountain station in the far north of Sweden. Kebnekaise is Sweden’s tallest mountain by the way. I carried my underwater camera housing, along with a lot of equipment, up into mountains without really knowing if it was going to end up as dead weight or actually have a use. It was a short three day trip and on the last day I found a stream near the station. The stream consisted of melted snow which meant that underwater visibility was terrific and I managed to capture some amazing images of Kebnekaise mountain with my camera semi-submerged in the stream.

C:  What would you say is the hardest part of landscape photography?

JG: For me light is a key component of getting the “perfect” photography and mother nature is unpredictable. So you can find the perfect location, be there at the right time of the day and still not end up with a satisfactory result. This is especially true of sunrise and sunset images. I’ll give an example of light that creates a marvellous effect on landscape photography. It happens that we have days with thick clouds right above us yet the horizon is free of clouds. Now if the sun rises at the right angle it will light them up from below. It is a marvelous sight. Sadly, occasions like these when weather conditions are just right are few and far inbetween.

Magnificient Morning - Justin Gainsford

Magnificient Morning – Justin Gainsford

The feeling of capturing an image that has it all is immense! I usually get a feel good factor which carries me through the rest of the day.

C: You’ve visited some pretty spectacular places. If you could travel to anywhere in the world for a photo-shoot, where would you go?

JG: I specialize in water photography and lately have been fascinated with glaciers. I would love to travel to either Antarctica or Svalbard to photograph natural ice formations. Not only are glaciers fantastic to observe but as a photographer what I really appreciate about them is that many are alive in the sense that they are slowly shifting and changing. It happens gradually so a person might not notice but if you visit the same glacier year after year, it will always be a little bit different due to ice movement. As far as it is possible, one of my goals with photography is delivering works of arts that are difficult to imitate and therefore unique.

C: What about the future? Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

JG: As the star photographer for National Geographic. Just kidding! I see myself doing the same thing that I do today. I plan to continue having regular exhibitions of my art, improving my own skills, inspiring up and coming photographers and trying to get people interested in photographic art. I also plan to continue undertaking regular photography expeditions to new and exciting places, hopefully 1-2 major trips each year.

C: And in the short term? Do you have any exhibitions or events do you have coming up?

JG: I have two exhibitions coming up in 2018. Both will be in Stockholm. The first is a solo exhibition scheduled between the 1st – 30th of June. The subject is going to be “Waves”. I’m very excited and looking forward to it. At the moment the venue is not fully ready so I can unfortunately not provide a location yet. I will be posting it on my website and on social media once everything is sorted. The second exhibition is in November and I will be co-hosting it with an artist that paints Swedish birds. I have not settled on a theme for it yet but it will be something that works well with her artwork.

C: If you could give one piece of advice to someone looking to start photographing landscapes, what would it be?

JG: Obviously a fundamental component for someone starting with landscape photography is to receive some kind of training on their camera and its functionality. I’d next say that it’s important to practice regularly and not expect any miracles the first weeks. When asked by members of my photo group about how to become a better photographer I usually recommend practicing the same way that I learnt. Go back to the same place to keep improving using different lighting, trying new angles and experimenting. I think by comparing a series of images from the same location is a great way to learn how to capture the best possible image.

Thanks, Justin. We’re really looking forward to seeing your upcoming work. 

If you’d like to keep up with Justin’s events and exhibitions follow him on Instagram and check out his website.

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Tutorial of Bad Skin and Background Change with PortraitPro 17

blonde bad skin Check out the tutorial below to see how to perfect skin and change the background.Untitled-1 Open your image up in PortraitPro,Untitled-2 Click the Touch Up button in the middle of the top, and go over the spots and problem areas.Untitled-3 Under the Skin Smoothing tab increase the Spot Removal.Untitled-4Click the Makeup tab and chose your makeup.Untitled-5 Under the Hair tab click View/Edit Hair Mask and check that all the hair is covered.Untitled-6 You can pick to recolor the hair.Untitled-7 Click the Background tab and Create Mask.Untitled-8 Under Background Image click New Background Image and chose your new background. Click OK once done.Untitled-9Now all that is left to do is save your image and the Session incase you want to go back and edit at a later date.

blonde bad skin


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Safari Landscape with LandscapePro 2

Untitled-13Check out the tutorial below to see how easy it is to transform your Safari Snaps!Untitled-7 Open up your image in LandscapePro 2 and label.Untitled-8 Click on the Lighting Brushes tab and add in the 3D lighting brush to your animal if needed.Untitled-9 Next click on the Sky tab and choose your new sky. For this image I have gone with an overcast sky.Untitled-10 Under the Animal tab select Improver and move the slider down to suit the rest of the image.Untitled-11 Under the Tree tab choose the Lush preset and lower the slider down to suit.Untitled-12 The last step is to click the Whole Picture tab and select Improve and lower the slider to your own preference.

Now all that is left to do is save your image and the Session incase you want to come back to it later.



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Easy Background Replacement with PortraitPro 17

Untitled-6Check out the tutorial below to see how easy it is to change the background with PortraitPro 17.Untitled-1Open up the image in PortraitPro 17. Untitled-2 Turn off for Skin Relighting and Coloring tab.

For the Makeup tab apply the makeup to suit the image.Untitled-3Under the  Hair tab make sure all the hair is covered in the Mask option.

Select the chosen hair color and increase the Hair Recolor Amount slider.Untitled-4 Click the Background tab and Create Mask.Untitled-5Click Background Image, if you like the Flat Color option save your image.

If you want a new background image, select New Background Image and select your new image.

Save your image and the Session incase you want to come back at a later date.


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How To Slim Your Body Portraits and Remove Stomach Bulges in Minutes with PortraitPro Body 2

before and afterCheck out the tutorial below to see how quick and easy it is.Untitled-1 Open your image up in PortraitPro Body 2 and mark up the body.Untitled-2 When you have finished marking up click Finish and under the Shape Sliders tab adjust the Slim Slider and the Arms and Legs sliders if needed.Untitled-3Under Shape Tools click the bulge area and move it in. You can see the changes instantly.

If this warps your image, no problem just simply use the Warp Fixer tool.

Your image  is now ready to save, don’t forget to save a session as well incase you want to come back later.

before and after


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From Bad Skin to a Simple Subtle Makeup Look in Minutes – PortraitPro 17

beforeandafterCheck out the tutorial below to see how in a matter of minutes you can turn a Portrait with Bad Skin into a Subtle Makeup look. Untitled-10 Open your image up and under the first tab, Face Sculpt lower the Master Slider.Untitled-11 Under Skin Smoothing go to Spot Removal at the bottom and select option 10.Untitled-12 Click the Touch Up button at the top of the screen, adjust the Strength and size. Zoom in and go over the problem areas.Untitled-13 Remember to zoom out every now and then to double check you have got every where.Untitled-14 Click on the Makeup tab and apply your chosen makeup look.Untitled-15Under the Picture tab adjust the Vibrance and Smart Contrast sliders to suit your picture.female with bad skin AdobeStock_102128503 (1)_pp


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Perfect Final Touches to Your Portraits – PortraitPro 17


Check out the tutorial below to find out how to do the final touches to your images in a matter of minutes.Untitled-1 Open your image up in PortraitPro 17.Untitled-3 Click on the Face Sculpt tab and lower the Master Slider.Untitled-4 Under Skin Smoothing lower the Master Slider down to around 10. Untitled-5 Under the Mouth and Nose tab increase all the Lip sliders, to give a bit more pop to the lips.Untitled-6 Under the Hair tab, click View/Edit Hair Mask and adjust the mask if needed.

Find a similar Hair Color and move the Hair Recolor Slider up slightly and the Vibrance slider.Untitled-7Under the Picture tab lower the Smart Contrast and turn on Vignette, moving the Horizontal and Vertical sliders to the right place. You only want the Vignette on a little bit.shutterstock_1008089398_pp


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Antique Look Bride Portrait with PortraitPro Body 2

beforeandafterCheck out the tutorial below to see how easy it is to create a stunning antique look to your Bride Portrait’s.Untitled-8Open up your image in PortraitPro Body and mark up the body.Untitled-6Once you have marked up adjust the Shape Sliders to suit your image.Untitled-7 Under the Picture tab move up the Black and White slider to around 1/3, Sepia up just a little and Contrast to suit your image.




It really is that simple!

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Easy Spot Removal Tutorial with PortraitPro 17 – Man Edition

beforeandafterRemoving spots can be tricky as it can very easily get overdone and look pretty obvious. With PortraitPro 17 it is super easy and fast, check out the tutorial below.Untitled-1Open you image up in PortraitPro 17.Untitled-2 Click on Spot Removal under the Skin Smoothing tab and select the strength, it will depend on your image. Though you don’t want to go too far or you will lose some of the skins texture.Untitled-3 Zoom in on your image and click the Touch Up button on the top centre. In sections touch up the spots that are still visible.Untitled-4Remember to zoom back out often to check you haven’t overdone it.shutterstock_429340234_pp

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